St. Therese of the Child Jesus

“I feel that my mission is about to begin, my mission to make God loved as I love Him, to teach souls my little way. It is the way of spiritual childhood, the way of trust and absolute surrender.” -Words spoken by St. Therese on July 17, 1897

papal praise for st. therese

Pope St. Pius X (Pope from 1903-1914) He called Therese the "greatest saint of modern times".


Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) “In spiritual childhood is the SECRET OF SANCTITY for all the faithful of the Catholic World – there is a call to all the faithful of every nation, no matter what their age, sex, or state of life, to enter wholeheartedly into the Little Way which led Sister Therese to the summit of heroic virtue. It is our desire that the secret of sanctity of Sister Therese of the Child Jesus be revealed to all our children.”


Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) “We earnestly desire that all the faithful should study her in order to copy her, becoming children themselves; since otherwise they cannot, according to the words of the Master, arrive at the kingdom of heaven.”


When Fr. Albert Dolan asked what he wanted to say to the Little Flower Society in America, the Pope responded, “Tell them that all should study carefully and imitate closely the humble life and the little way of Saint Therese, who is an EXQUISITE MINIATURE OF PERFECT HOLINESS. She is my guiding star. Whenever I have a problem that is particularly difficult and which I can not solve, I take it to her and she always immediately clarifies and solves it for me.”


Venerable Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) He called Therese “the greatest healer of modern times.”



Blessed Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) When he was the Nuncio to France he said that, “I shall never cease blessing and exalting the little and great saint who has always been and always will be, the lucky star of my mission in France.”


Pope Paul VI (1963-1978) “You know that I was baptized in 1897 on the day when Therese Martin, later Therese of the Child Jesus, passed away in France. On one of the secret notes she made before her death Therese said – When I am dead I shall visit the cradles of baptized infants.”


Pope John Paul I (1978) “Dear Little Therese when I was 17 I read your autobiography. It hit me like a thunderbolt. You called it Spring Story of a Little White Flower – but the willpower, courage, and resolution which it revealed made it seem to me the story of a steel bar. From the moment you chose the path of total dedication to God, nothing could stop you: nether illness, nor external opposition, nor inner clouds and darkness.”


Blessed Pope John Paul II (1978-2005) "Of Therese of Lisieux, one can say with conviction that the Spirit of God let her heart reveal directly to the men and women of our day, the fundamental mystery of the Gospel: the fact that we have really received a spirit of adoption which makes us cry out “Abba, Father”. The little way is the way of holy childhood. In that way, there is both confirmation and renewal of the most fundamental and most universal truth. What truth of the Gospel message is indeed more fundamental and more universal than this: God is our Father and we are His children?”


Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013) "Her testimony shows that only the Word of God, received and understood in its concrete demands, becomes a source of renewed life. To our society, often permeated by a rationalist culture and widespread practical materialism, little Therese of Lisieux points out, as the answer to the great questions of life, the ‘little way’, which looks instead to the essential of things.”


Pope Francis (2013) Favorite saint he turns to in time of need: St. Therese of Lisieux. He kept a photograph of her on his library shelf with a vase of white roses in front of it. “When I have a problem I ask the saint, not to solve it, but to take it in her hands and help me accept it.”

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